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Percocet Overdose

Percocet when abused can be taken orally in pill form, chewed, or crushed (then snorted like cocaine). Percocet addiction is a major risk with prolonged use (over 2-3 weeks) of. Even moderate doses of Percocet can result in a fatal overdose. When increasing doses of Percocet an individual may at first feel restless and nauseous and then progress to loss of consciousness and abnormal breathing. Other risks include withdrawal symptoms that may last for months as well as the risk of overdose.

Everyone's body is different but as little as half a pill of Percodan when combined with other depressants can lower your respiratory system enough to kill you. Taken in high doses these Percodan tablets alone can kill you.

Symptoms of a Percocet Overdose include:

  • stupor
  • coma
  • skeletal muscle flaccidity
  • cold and clammy skin
  • hypertension
  • circulatory collapse
  • cardiac arrest
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